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Early Morning Shake That Burns Stomach Fat Instantly

There is no better way to kick start your day than drinking this creamy shake that burns stomach fat instantly. Carefully choosing all the ingredients, this early morning shake is all that you need-it is loaded with vitamins, minerals and essential fat-burning compounds.

Early Morning Shake That Burns Stomach Fat Instantly

One of the most important tools of weight loss and reducing stomach is feeling full. That’s why one of the great things about this drink is that it contains enough fibre which helps to keep you to feeling satisfied.

Apples and lemons have been shown to significantly reduce visceral belly fat in overweight individuals with zero side effects. The polyphenols in apples also play an important role in the metabolism of all types of body fat.

In the study of holistic treatments for obese people, beetroots demonstrated a positive impact on metabolism. Researchers suggest beetroot juice helps promote weight loss as part of an overall healthy diet and lifestyle plan.

Beetroot has also long been touted as a blood purifier. Our livers work hard and regular consumption of beetroot helps protect it from oxidative damage and stress. Compounds in beets help the liver detoxify and stimulate liver cell function.

Yogurt in combination with flax seeds are perfect choice for getting rid of all the waste and impurities in your colon. Eliminating the waste that has been accumulated over time due to constipation or improper digestion helps you significantly reduce stomach fat.

Prepare this early morning shake, restore balance in your metabolism, boost your energy levels and lose stomach fat fast.



1/4 small beetroot

1/2 apple

1/2 lemon

1/2 orange

1 tsp. ground flax seeds

1/3 cup low-fat vanilla flavor yogurt


Combine everything in a blender and process well. Consume immediately.

Drink this for breakfast for several days and make sure your cut down on sweets and incorporate healthy meals. You will be surprised with the results you get-less stomach fat and more energy.

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